Amethyst Yoni Egg

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This beautiful gemstone comes in shades of lavender and violet

Amethyst is a stone of protection against negative energies and unhealthy attachments.

Stimulates the Crown Chakra, and awakens your third eye, it helps heighten our natural physic and intuitive nature.

It also allows us to be more emotionally balanced and grounded.

This is an excellent stone for issues with insomnia.

Pop your yoni egg in before you go to bed and unlock the benefits of vivid and lucid dreams.

Key benefits

  • High vibrational energy stone
  • Can help block stress and negative environmental energies
  • Chakra - Throat, Crown, Third eye
  • Can help with indecisiveness
  • Can promote your intuition and natural physic abilities

The Amethyst  Yoni Egg comes in size 40 x 30mm (approx. ) and you have two options of drilled and non-drilled. 

Drilled eggs come with drilled egg kit.

See our FAQs Our Guide On Yoni Eggs 

*Disclaimer - Our Yoni Eggs Are Not Mass Sourced In China. They Come From A Small Factory In India And Hand Produced. Eggs Are Cut Directly From the Raw Crystal & Have Not Been Chemically Treated To Enhance The Colour For Sale. Please Note Each Yoni Egg Will Not Be The Same, Each Egg Is Genuinely Unique & Will Have Beautiful Imperfections From The Raw Crystal, Which Make Our Eggs So Special* 

We Hope You Love Them As Much As We Do. 

Customer Reviews

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Connie Harter
Highly recommended

As a holistic practitioner, this is def high-grade amethyst - worth the price! I bought the rose quartz ones too and I decided to give the amethyst one a try! Definitely feels the difference in energy! I highly recommend it!