Who we are?

Yoni Yoni a UK based brand founded in 2020 is a organic, sensual feminine care and life style brand.
Our products have been carefully and ethically sourced to empower you to tap into your divine feminine power.
Yoni is a ‘Sanskrit’ word meaning scared space.  Ask yourself how do you care for your scared space?
We believe that Yoni care should be a very important part of your self care routine. As a women we can store past energy, trauma and everyday lifestyle in our womb space.
To honor our womb space we must nurture, cleanse and love our Yoni’s.
A healthy Yoni is a happy Yoni.
We value the importance of producing healthier holistic alternatives for feminine care, majority of our products are handmade to ensure you are receiving the best quality items.
We also believe in a judgement free culture aimed at caring for a range of feminine issues from fertility, menopause and energy cleansing.
Yoni Yoni has been created for all women of all ages, race, no matter how you identify.
Yoni Care is Self Care 
We are a growing business and are thankful for your support.